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Our Story

After several years of working in corporate banking, Scott Brown realized that his ability to develop genuine relationships with clients was diminishing. Regulations in the industry became fiercer and approval for deals became more about the math than the people. As someone driven by relationships and a desire to connect, this was an immense disappointment.

So Scott left the banking world in 2009 to help reimagine RAI, a financial advising firm that had already been successfully helping clients for more than 30 years. With the growth leveraged from the legacy established by Ken Small and Natalie Jump and the addition of Melissa to the team, a new vision for RAI was set in motion, one centered even more on relationships and trust.

As the firm grows and thrives, RAI provides clients with honest and conscientious advice, helping them have conviction about investment choices that will get them where they want to go. The RAI team stands firm on the belief that they are more than just “financial advisors,” they are a partner committed to looking after your family’s best interests.