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2023 Enhancements

Scott A. Brown, MBA, BFA™
February 24, 2023

2023 Enhancements

We are pleased to announce a number of meaningful enhancements as we continue to run towards our Mission of helping high paced families live by design, using smart technology and genuine relationship.

Below are a few things we’re doing this Spring to reinvest in our ability to serve YOU.

·     New Office

·     New Website

·     New Partners and Team Members

        o  Will West promoted to Partner & WealthAdvisor

       o  Greg Aagaard promoted to Partner & WealthAdvisor

        o  Melissa Imbrogno promoted to Partner & COO

        o  Jack Dykema joining the team as Wealth Associate

        o  Chief Investment Officer - Coming Soon.

·     Enhanced Platform

        o  Offering Greater Breadth of Investment Options

        o  Better Trade Execution and Ease of Money Movement

        o  Cost efficiencies for the families we serve

        o  Improved Technology and resources

           - Mobile App

            - Paperless Statements

RIA Frequently Asked Questions

Why the update?

  • As our families have grown, so have the tools and resources available to help us become more responsive and efficient in our relationship.
  • Our mission is helping high-paced families live by design with financial services based on genuine relationship and smart technology.
  • The platform enhancements we’re making are about the later (smart technology) allowing us more time on the former (genuine relationship).

What are the enhancements?

We are introducing the Charles Schwab custodial platform for our families which enhances:

  • Breadth of investment options not previously available
  • Improved trade execution and ease of money movement
  • Cost efficiencies for the families we serve
  • Improved Technology and resources, such as; a Mobile App, Paperless Statements & Tax Info


What will it look like at RAI Wealth? 

  • Our team and leadership are the exact same - we are simply able to both broaden and streamline our service offering for you while improving the cost structure for our families.


What does that look like to me as a client?

  • You will receive a DocuSign in the coming weeks asking to verify your information and acknowledging the updates.


How long will it take?

  • Once you complete the DocuSign, CharlesSchwab will electronically receive all holdings from the current custodian (SEI/Pershing/Fidelity) along with all related information including cost basis. This process generally takes 7 business days. 
  • There are no changes to account holdings and no tax consequences for this update.


Who is Charles Schwab?

  • Charles Schwab is the largest custodian for Independent Investment Advisors (Working with over 7,500 advisory firms with over $1.5 Trillion in client assets).


Who is Securities America?

  • Securities America is our former Broker Dealer who managed our tax reporting, compliance and held our securities licenses.


Who is Private Client Services (PCS)?

  • PCS is our Back Office who will replace Securities America in holding any of our Annuity, 529 accounts and maintain our securities licenses.

More Questions? Please reach out at any time!

  • Scott Cell: 630-346-2075
  • Will Cell: 630-388-9682
  • Greg Cell: 630-532-3609
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